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Please allow 24-48 HOURS for processing. Delivery Days: Monday & Wednesday. Delivery Fee: additional $9.99. NOTE: Have to be 30 minutes away from West Jackson. Anything further must be reviewed. Thank You

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West Jackson, MS

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Useful Information

Can I return my items?

  • What happens if I order after business hours?
    Our business hours are listed under "Open Hours" tab, there you can see when we are operating. If you order after business hours, orders will not be accepted until next business day. Thank you for shopping.
  • How long is processing time?
    Please allow 24 - 48 hours to process orders. You will receive a confirmation email or text stating order is ready. Thank you for shopping with 5o4Kakes!
  • How do we keep our products fresh?
    All products are stored in a seal container shielding it from moisture build up and molding. Smoothies are freshly, the day of pickup/delivery. While transporting, smoothie is carried in a cooler.
  • Can I return my items?
    Unfortunately, all sales are FINAL.
  • How does delivery works?
    You may schedule a delivery on our two days available, Mondays and Wednesdays. Delivery fee is $9.99 plus tax. Since we are stationed in Jackson, ms, we will only travel 30 minutes or less in any directions. Anything over 30 minutes will have to be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation text or email.

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