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The Full Story

How We Started

Hello beautiful spirit, my name is Ta'Ja and this is how 5O4Kakes came about!

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What is 5o4Kakes?

5o4Kakes is a rebrand from a business I started in high school. Majority of the names are New Orleans based, hence that is where it all began. I am a self taught cook for 7 plus years and  all goods are homemade and made fresh. This business allows me to show my art through food and it is lovely to see my customer's reaction. I make food to see the joy in others more so than my gain financially. I hope you that is reading is is my potential customer! Be seeing you soon luv.

504 Palace 
Your Food's Sanctuary

The Palace is a place where all food's goodness is welcomed. In this section I offer more than sweets featured on the main page. It brings a New Orleans styled cooking to you and those you share with! Monday-Thursday meals and Brunch, plus more. This is where cooking started for me before the baking and I am glad to share this with you. Shop today!

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